The main goal of this lecture is to familiarize the students with the basic notions of the different

electrochemical approaches that can be used to modify the physico-chemical properties of surfaces.

The modification ranges from electrografted monomolecular layers to the electrodeposition of metal

and semiconductor layers. Industrial applications in various fields will be treated for every specific case.

Among others the following notions will be acquired by the students:

- Electrochemical cleaning of surfaces

- Electrografting of organized molecular layers on surfaces

- Fundamentals and applications of electrodeposition of metals

- Electrodeposition of metaloxides

- Electrogeneration of insulating and conducting polymer layers


1. Short recall of the basics of electrochemistry

2. Cathodic processes

2.1. In situ generation of detergents for cleaning

2.2. Reduction of diazonium salts

2.3. Metal electrodeposition

2.4. Cataphoresis


3. Anodic processes

3.1. In situ generation of detergents for cleaning

3.2. Electrochemical sol-gel process


3.4. Anodization of metals

4. Electroless deposition


5. Electrochemical patterning of surfaces